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Active - 5 days cycling

The Active programs fit those who have cycling as an important ingredient of their daily life. You cycle regularly and weekly, and are comfortable with legs of 3-4 hours or more.

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  • Day 1: Arrival and check in

    Arrival to Hotel Kronen Gaard in Sandnes, check in possible from 15:00 unless else is agreed. The hotel is situated approximately 4 kilometers from Sandnes city center. A nice dinner is served in the hotels cozy restaurant "De Gamle Stuene" in the evening.

  • Day 2: Kronen Gaard - Lauvvik (ferry) - Lysebotn - Fidjeland

    After a hearty breakfast we check out and deliver the luggage to the service car. We cycle together from the hotel towards Lauvvik, and the first leg is approx. 20km. We cycle along the Lutsi, and area with many lakes of all sizes, through pleasant scenery without many challenging parts before we arrive at the ferry dock. The ferry brings us along the scenic Lysefjord, framed with picturesque mountains on all sides. One of many highlights we pass is the "Prekestolen" (Pulpit Rock), famous landmark and used as location in Tom Cruise' "Mission Impossible: Fallout". When we arrive Lysebotn we mount the bikes and begin climbing up the 27 hairpin bends of the steep road leading us towards Sirdalen, approx. 40 km. Finally we arrive at Sirdalen Mountain Lodge where we check in and enjoy the nice facilities. Dinner at the hotel.

    Kronen Gaard - Lauvvik (ferry) - Lysebotn - Fidjeland
  • Day 3: Sirdal - Evje

    Today we will reach high altitudes on our first leg along the Suleskard road. The Suleskard pass is 1050 meters above sea level, and we have to do a fair bit of climbing before we reach the naked mountain expanses. This road is closed during the winter season, and in the early summer you can still see high snow walls on the side of the road. Downhill to Rysstad can be done at high speed, and we turn south and reide along Otra River through scenic Setesdalen valley, surrounded by high mountains on all sides. Further along the Byglands fjord before we arrive at Evje after a demanding but very varied leg of approx. 125 km. Check in and dinner.

    Sirdal - Evje
  • Day 4: Evje - Flekkefjord

    After a well deserved night sleep and a solid breakfast, we mount the bikes and cycle southwest. Todays goal is the coastal pearl of Flekkefjord, situated halfway between Stavanger and Kristiansand, in Lafjord. In the old days Flekkefjord had a significant trade with Netherlands, and because of that is nicknamed the "Hollendertown" to this day. The leg is approx. 110 km along forested and relatively quiet and low trafficked roads. Check in and dinner at Grand Hotel Flekkefjord.

    Evje - Flekkefjord
  • Day 5: Flekkefjord - Egersund

    From one great coastal town to another, we continue north to Egersund. The terrain will be varied, and more than once we will reach go up to altitudes of more tahn 800 meters and back down. About half way along we find Sogndalstrand, the only "town" which is a protected cultural environment in Norway, due to its rich sailing history and unique settlements. We follow the main road E39 for a short while at Helleland, before following Krossmoveien to Egersund. Check in to Grand Hotel Egersund in the heart of town. Leg approx. 105 km. Dinner in the evening.

    Flekkefjord - Egersund
  • Day 6: Egersund - Stavanger

    Time to depart charming Egersund for now, and todays leg will give us great variation. First along Sirevåg, Ogna and Brusand which are typical bathing "towns" with sandy beaches. We ride along the Nordsjøvegen (North Sea Road) and Kongeveien (Kings Road) along the coast of Jæren. This area is relatively flat, with a lot of farms and fields. We pass Orrevatnet (lake) and many of the nice beaches this area is so famous for, accompanied by the sea breeze.Riding via Tananger and Randaberg before we follow Dusavik road towards the city of Stavanger and enter from the north. Total approx. 110 km. Check into Thon Hotel with it's great location, only a short walk from Stavangers sights and lively harbour area. Dinner.

    Egersund - Stavanger
  • Day 7: Departure

    All good things come to an end, and we hope you enjoyed our days together on the bike. If you would like to spend more days in our beautiful region, we are happy to accommodate your needs. From the city of Stavanger you can easily join cruises on the Lysefjord or hikes to the spectacular Pulpit Rock or Kjerag.




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